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cartoon_icons's Journal

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This community was created because I couldn't find any icon communities which were only for cartoon icons.

Only people who will post icons will get posting access, but if you are just here to get icons feel free to add this community to your friends list.


* All icons must be cartoons. (well dugh)
* All posts must be public, unless it's tutorials.
* No fanart, allthough this qualifies as cartoons, I'd rather not have fanart.
* Credit is a must, if you fail to credit someone you will be reported and banned.
* Feedback (either good or bad) is welcomed, but be nice.
* Absolutely NO hotlinking.
* Credit the iconmaker, not the community
* When applying put "I've read the rules" somewhere in your comment along with the icons (NOT IN THE TITLE of your comment)
* After you've been accepted click on "join community" and after that you will recieve an invitation to post in the community

Got questions? feel free to drop a line to your friendly maintainer metrosex or e-mail me at: adicta _ chocolate at hotmail dot com

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